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Watch KHUDA K LIYE Full movie : A WORTHWATCHING PAKISTANI MOVIE video. The KHUDA K LIYE Full movie : A WORTHWATCHING PAKISTANI MOVIE video uploader Filmy Cockroach says about, Mansoor and Sarmad are the two successful singers from Lahore. Sarmad eventually gets influenced by an Islamic activist Maulana Tahiri, as he begins to practice Islamic way of living and gives up his music career as it is considered "haram" by the Islamic community. Maryam (Mary), a westernised British Pakistani girl, falls in love with Dave from the British community. However this displeases her father, who is hypocritical, despite himself having a live-in relationship with a British woman.

Meanwhile, Mary's father plans to take her for a trip to Pakistan to meet Sarmad and Mansoor. While touring FATA, she gets deceived by her father to marry her cousin, Sarmad. Mary, forcefully gets married and abandoned in her household. In an escape attempt, Mary tries to run from the village but gets caught by Sarmad. He eventually consummates their marriage by force as a sort of punishment so that Mary would not escape again.

Mansoor goes to a musical school in Chicago, where he meets Janie. They both eventually fall in love with each other and Janie even leaves alcohol for him. However shortly after the events of 9/11, Mansoor gets arrested by FBI, due to his Islamic background and gets detained for a year in Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

Mary is rescued by Sarmad's father under the protection of the British government. A devastated Mary, takes her father and cousin to court in Pakistan for justice. Wali (Naseeruddin Shah), a Maulana, then explains to the court how Islam is being misused in the name of war and hatred, bringing the religion forward in a believable and peaceful manner. Traumatized by all the suffering he has seen and caused, Sarmad withdraws from the case. He also realizes the damage that he was made to do in the name of religion. Mary is now free and returns to the village where she was kept prisoner so she can educate the girls there. Meanwhile, Mansoor is still in FBI custody after a year of torment; the last torture session having inflicted permanent brain damage. After a failed rehab attempt, he is deported and reunited with his family in Pakistan where he begins to recoverzH-da1vplbE