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Today's Hair Pin Curl tutorial was one we've been waiting nearly a year to show you. The curl type we use here isn't likely one you would use every day, but it is PERFECT for Halloween!!! 🎃

We sure turned a lot of heads this weekend as we filmed the intro for this video! Bailey loved it, and really delved into character! {Shaun was pretty much embarrassed the entire time!}

You can use this technique as a base-texture hairstyle for a witch, lion, mad scientist, Bride of Frankenstein, zombie, Mad Hatter, etc! Bailey wanted to be a Zombie Cheerleader! Pretty much anything that requires frizzy hair, even The Walking Dead!

Bailey's costume is from http://www.chasing-fireflies.com.

For this tutorial, I used hairpins to wrap the hair in a rick rack set {giving the resulting "rick rack" looking wave pattern, a classical sewing term}. I then secure the sets with bobby pins. This curling set isn't new, as it's been taught in styling schools for decades, and now several websites provide tutorials for them as well. {One of our favorites was done by the girls at thebeautydepartment.com.}

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To get this look, be prepared to spend about an hour setting the hair {if you are doing this by yourself}. If you have a friend helping you, this process will go much faster.

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Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, 40-50 hair pins, 40-50 bobby pins or alligator clips, heat protectant, flat iron, hairspray, leaves and grass {optional}.

Time Requirement: 60 minutes

Skill Level: Hard {only because of time}

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