Taco Tuesday: Give Chayote a Chance

Rick Bayless · 45,956 views
Watch Taco Tuesday: Give Chayote a Chance video. The Taco Tuesday: Give Chayote a Chance video uploader Rick Bayless says about, Chayote is bland, you say. Tasteless. Pointless. A little weird.

I’ll concede some of that. But have you ever tried chayote that’s been high-heat roasted?

Changes everything. The heat concentrates all of chayote’s light flavor and juicy texture, bringing out attributes we’ll underscore here with an herby, spicy green adobo and a spark of lime juice.

Add some fresh goat cheese and spoon it all onto a warm tortilla, and you have a flavor-packed taco filling that skews toward the lighter side.

Quick note: the jar of adobo you’ll make will last for months in the refrigerator, and you can use it on everything from scrambled eggs to salad dressing. Oh, and pasta. It’s *great* on pasta.

Get the recipe: http://www.rickbayless.com/recipe/roasted-chayote-with-herbs-and-tofu-or-goat-cheese/


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