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Watch Learning Udyr - Short LoL Stream Highlights - HobbyistHeroes video. The Learning Udyr - Short LoL Stream Highlights - HobbyistHeroes video uploader HobbyistHeroes says about, Hey guys. Flex here. This video is different for a couple reasons.
I reformatted my computer and my settings were off. The audio from the stream wasn't usable but the video was fine. I didn't want to not use the video, so I decided to put it together with some music.

The highlights are from a very short stream on 1/11/2018. I'm trying to learn how to play Udyr. Played 3 games and won all 3, including a top lane Udyr game where I thought I was jungle (oops!). That same game, it was a long, hard-fought 4v5 game. Overall, Udyr is extremely fun. For runes, I copied saintvicious' build where he maxes Tiger Stance, and builds his items tanky with Black Cleaver, Titantic Hydra, and other defensive items.

Side note. I never realized how often people ping me off lol.

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