LIGHT UP THE DARKNESS - Epic Powerful Fantasy Music Mix | 2 Hours Epic Fantasy Music

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0:00:00 Amann & Patrik Herman - Light Up The Darkness
0:02:57 MythFox - Ghostblade
0:07:39 Revolt Production Music - Spark
0:10:09 Missing in Action - Starburst
0:14:00 Antoine HEID - Listen My Heart
0:18:25 Christophe Le Guen - Dreams Of Child
0:20:52 Missing in Action - Awakening
0:23:42 Alexandros Nikolaidis - Non Omnis Moriar
0:26:53 Antoine HEID - Last Hope
0:30:30 Sky Mubs - Battle's Spirit
0:33:58 Missing in Action - Fire and Ice
0:37:47 Juriy Nikitin - Breathing
0:40:37 Missing in Action - Illumina
0:43:29 The Silent Scream - Recalling Past
0:47:17 Philipp Beesen - Valley of the Kings
0:50:51 Sky Mubs - The Bravery
0:54:01 Missing in Action - Immortal
0:57:46 Missing in Action - Oblivion
1:01:11 Caroline J. Gleave - Ancient Memories
1:05:56 The Wild Tusker Music Production - The Earth
1:08:16 Missing in Action - Conception
1:10:58 Andrew Haym - Cloud Atlas
1:14:00 Petteri Sainio - We Overcome
1:16:21 Wassim Samad - Hold On
1:19:04 Missing in Action - Distant Hope
1:22:08 Jyc Row & Felicia Farerre - Sun of the Night
1:25:46 Arend Erasmus - Safety In Numbers
1:30:46 Juriy Nikitin - Ocean Hearts (feat. Daria Murashova)
1:34:26 Sky Mubs - For All The Victims
1:37:29 Caroline J. Gleave - My Wavering Soul
1:41:34 Kenny Mac - Annabelle
1:45:41 Modern Bard - Tempest Shadow: The Broken Unicorn
1:49:02 Philipp Beesen - The Journey
1:53:00 Aron van Selm - Forever
1:55:44 Whitesand - Story of the Wind
1:58:14 Fox Sailor - Levitate
2:02:34 Phil Rey - Hallelujah feat. Felicia Farerre

Patrik Herman:
Revolt Production Music:
Missing in Action:
Antoine HEID:
Christophe Le Guen:
Alexandros Nikolaidis:
Sky Mubs:
Juriy Nikitin:
The Silent Scream:
Philipp Beesen:
Caroline J. Gleave:
The Wild Tusker Music Production:
Andrew Haym:
Petteri Sainio:
Wassim Samad:
Jyc Row:
Felicia Farerre:
Arend Erasmus:
Kenny Mac:
Modern Bard:
Aron van Selm:
Fox Sailor:
Phil Rey:

artist: lluluchwan
link to artwork:

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