How to Convert Video to mp4 or How to change Video file to mp4 HD 1080p or 4K Video - Free & Fast

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Watch How to Convert Video to mp4 or How to change Video file to mp4 HD 1080p or 4K Video - Free & Fast video. The How to Convert Video to mp4 or How to change Video file to mp4 HD 1080p or 4K Video - Free & Fast video uploader nickscomputerfix says about, See the fastest way how to convert videos to mp4. In this video see how converting videos to the most popular used formats: avi , mov , mp4 , wmv , flv , 3gp , mkv is easy and fast using AVC Any Video Converter. Change video to 1080p HD format or if you want change video to 4k too. AVC is free to download and free to use to convert any video file format to any other video file format. It will convert all videos to any video format you want and even change the video size to Full HD 1080p. You can even see how to convert video to mp3 file or how to change mp4 to mp3 with ease. Especially useful if you don't want the video portion any longer but want to save the sound track.

This is a great way to overcome the wrong video codec problem when your video plays and all you see is just black video and audio sound. Convert a bad mp4 file back into a high quality HD mp4 video that works once again without having to deal with video codec problems. This helps to fix the problem with importing a mp4 video into Microsoft Windows Movie Maker and all you get is black video with sound. This is a Windows Movie Maker black screen fix Windows 10 that allows you to import. Gone are the days of frustration with blank videos in Windows Movie Maker or even Apple Mac iMovie. Just convert it from mp4 to mp4 and import it back into Windows Movie Maker and get rid of the Windows 10 Movie Maker black screen problem.

BTW, you can also use AVC Any Video Converter to see how to convert video to mp3. That's right, you can easily without any pain at all, extract the sound from your HD mp4 video and just have a mp3 audio file within minutes or even seconds.

Once you see how to change video format for your videos so you can edit and play them in HD mp4 format with Any Video Converter you might not ever use another program again. This App will not only do video size in Full HD 1920 x 1080p but will also do 4k 3,840 x 2,160. In my video you are shown how I converted a .wmv video file into a high quality mp4/MPEG 4 HD 1080p video format video file. It took me only a few minutes to do and the mp4 file was top quality output. You can convert files in MAC laptops too. Or just stick with 4k

Sometimes I think that a avi video format vs mp4 just looks better to me. It might be my eyes playing tricks on me. I always wanted to find a way on how to convert video mp4 to avi and how to convert video avi to mp4 back again quickly but also without loosing any video quality. This free video converter did the trick for me. I'm sure it will help you also, if you need to know how to convert videos to just about any video formats. Henceforth, the name of the App this video is all about Any Video Converter free.

On an occasion or two, after shooting a video with my camera during the week I decide that I just don't like the video. But I want to keep the audio track. So I've learn how to convert my video to mp3 with AVC Any Video Converter and just keep the audio to (for audio sound over) add to another video through a video editing software app like Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas or Magic Video Pro.

What about MAC OS X ? Need a video convert for Apple devices?
If you need a all-in-one free video converter for Mac and not just Windows to convert to/from HD/SD video this is the one I like and use. Do you need simple yet fast video convertor for MAC? I've found that this app is it for me. Keep in mind that it includes MKV, AVCHD, M2TS, AVI, FLV, WMV, 3GP, MP3 and many more video formats that converts to any iPhone SE/6S/6/5S/5C/4s/3g, iPod, iPad, MP4, MOV, iTunes video. So check it out and convert a video to mov and convert video from mov to mp4 fast! Just QuickTime

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