spock + kirk + baby au - savages (mpreg)

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Watch spock + kirk + baby au - savages (mpreg) video. The spock + kirk + baby au - savages (mpreg) video uploader xXxMkENNyMxXx says about, -underneath it all, we are just savages-

/ I dont promote drinking, sexual affairs, violence or depression, I made this video with feelings. Dont love, please, dont watch it./

short story: Spock and Jim are married, they live as normal as a spacehusband couple could, with lots of danger and etc. Spock has got a standing nightmare about Jim's death and Jim has got a big new for his husband...

Okay, so. I have always wanted to make mpreg/preg vids, and I choose this two as science experiments. O, am such a dork. but I really hope u also like the idea. /these spacehusbands w a cutie baby girl, ahhh./

hope you send some love, I kiss you all, Mk

music here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxaTAFXgykU
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