5 Attitudes of a Man Who Lies

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If you find yourself in a relationship and you feel that something is not right, that your partner acts differently and that your intuition tells you that something is wrong, pay attention to these attitudes that will help you see if your man lies to you.

1. Changes the details of the story.

Usually, people who lie tend to become entangled in their own story and do not realize it when they change some detail. It is essential that you find meaning to what he says and you go beyond his response.

2. He is distant.

People who are in a comfortable, trusting relationship, are not afraid to share the intimate details of their lives with their partners. If you notice that his attitude has changed, he is unusually distant and keeps everything secret, he is probably avoiding telling you something.

Whatever it is, you should not judge him in advance, you must create a climate suitable for him to feel comfortable and want to share it with you.

3. Eliminates evidence.

If your man deletes his messages, his history on the computer, there are times when you can not communicate with him or when he comes from work always showers, they are alarming signs that he may be having an affair.

If he suddenly appears very discreet and does not respond some messages or calls or always seeks to erase the evidence, it is clear that he walks in something he does not want you to know.

4. He is on the defensive.

If he takes his time to answer your questions, becomes angry or gets defensive when you accuse him or even do not seem to want to look at your eyes, they can be clear signs that he has something to hide and does not want you to know.

5. He blames you.

It is natural that when one feels attacked and judged, tries to defend himself. But if every time you want to find out what's going on, blames you or questions your motives for wanting to know about his life, it may be an attempt to avoid talking about the subject.

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