Youngblood (Max’s past)

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Watch Youngblood (Max’s past) video. The Youngblood (Max’s past) video uploader Itz_Crystal Snow says about, So if you still don’t get it here’s Some storyline:

So when Max got dumped, Sky was always there for him. They eventually started dating and his Ex (Bella) got jealous, she told him that if he doesn’t hurt Sky’s feelings (the boys in the Without me MV) would hurt her. So he did that, he started feelings Really bad and Bella tried making him forget the memories of Sky by copying the things she said to him when they were still together. He couldn’t say sorry to her because Bella was always with him, Max eventually broke up with Bella and wanted to get back together with Sky. When he wanted to apologize he saw Sky and Isaac, he thought they were kissing each other because of the angle he was in (but they were just hugging each other). Max thought Sky moved on so he didn’t want to talk to her anymore. And That’s how they ended up like that in the singing battle! I hope this clears it up for you guys! Love you, byeeee! ❤️❤️❤️

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