DereeLight Review - Xsearcher, NightMaster400, DA3

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Watch DereeLight Review - Xsearcher, NightMaster400, DA3 video. The DereeLight Review - Xsearcher, NightMaster400, DA3 video uploader Whatfor5 says about, Dereelight is a small specialty flashlight company out of Hong Kong. While they have a few dealers scattered around the world, for the most part if you want anything but the most common options you end up needing to order direct. Their CS rep is very polite, helpful, and readily resolves any issues. All in all, a very positive experience and quality products. Onto the individual lights:

DA3 - IPX-8 Rated (continuous operation under water), Cree XPG-R% emitter, 86 lumens, 31 grams, GITD lens O-ring, powered by 1 AAA, comes with diffuser, lanyard, and integral pocket clip. All in all an amazing little light. They claim 86 lumens on a single AAA battery (fresh charge) and I believe them. All in all I couldn't be more pleased with this little light. Smaller than my little finger, it really is all you need in a non-weapon light. The video doesn't portray it well, as the camera can't pick up lower outputs, but for all but long distance viewing low power is adequate. The quality and low price make this one a win. If I must nitpick though, and I must, I have three things to mention:
1) The GITD O-ring around the lens, which appears coated for the record, doesn't really have a useful function as it only is visible immediately after the light has been turned on and even still it is hardly visible.
2) The threaded ring which retains the pill and interacts with the screw-in tailpiece on mine didn't come torqued to the proper spec. As a result it became loose, and as it did so began to make inconsistent contact. This was not catastrophic, as the light still made consistent contact when screwed all the way in, but it did mean that as you approached that point it would perceive rapid on/off cycles and so would jump through the modes. Re-torquing it was easily accomplished, and would be by any reasonably competent ELU.
3) The light always starts in low power. This is great when the battery is fresh and you want low first, but is sub-optimal if you typically want a different power level or your battery is low and you want to start with high power,

NM400 - IPX-8 Rated (continuous operation under water), ~500 lumens on XPg2 emitter, 36KCD, tailstand tail, GITD tailcap, 182 grams, powered by CR123s or 18652s. The second most surprising of the three (DA3 being the most surprising, namely due to its size), this thing is about as much light as you could possibly want for most cases. It isn't all that powerful by flashaholic standards, at a mere 500 lumens, but its intensity is impressive. It is worth noting that the video does not show the beam well, which in reality is a projection of the emitter die (square beam). It is also the "happy medium" between the Xsearcher, which has no capability beyond long range without a diffuser mod or removal of the lens, and a normal light which has little capability at range. This really is a pocketable size flashlight, particularly with the accessory clip, that has the intensity to diffuse potential situations at medium range at least. The GITD tailcap makes it easy to find on your nightstand in the dark, staying bright enough to see for more than long enough, and the flat tail means you can illuminate an entire room by setting it on its tail on a flat surface while the lens keeps side flare from blinding everyone. The modularity that this light's pills, body, and accessories make it a great part of the NM line.

Xsearcher - IPX-8 Rated (continuous operation under water), 202KCD, ~500lumens, XPG2 emitter, 455 Grams, powered by CR123s or 18652s. Identical options for pills/emitters as the NM400 and NM800, but with a different head from the NM800 and neck from the NM400. Shown in the video with an optional extension tube, to allow the use of two 18650s, and a diffuser/lens cap available here:
The one major disadvantage of this light is that, as mentioned in the video, it is difficult to use for anything other than long-range viewing. Using it for walking, for example, is impossible because the hot spot is too bright and blinds you, and the lack of wash means you can't see where you're walking anyway. The diffuser addresses this. The IR pill option also provides an incredibly powerful tool for long range night vision work in areas too dark or with digital NV (illuminator dependent).5mUI_cJd44A