Plecter Pixel connector informational video

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Watch Plecter Pixel connector informational video video. The Plecter Pixel connector informational video video uploader Alex Gordon says about, This video will serve as the introductory video for the Plecter Pixel connector that we have been developing with Slothfurnace and the rest of the Plecter Labs affiliates.

We had about 25 minutes of dueling footage, I just tried to put together some of the interesting bits. We know, we suck at unchoreographed durability testing. It's important to note that the neopixels maintained connection throughout the very same impacts that bent, and cracked the standard blade.

As was mentioned in the video, there is no official release or pricing information available at this time, but the point of this system is that all of our blades will work with all of our hilts. If you want to go the DIY route, no problem, we've got you covered. TCSS will be among the vendors supplying these.

For anyone who has been wondering what the hold up has been, we, as a group, were not happy with any existing connector. Once I tried my original prototype, I had to do initial durability testing before bringing it forward to the rest of the affiliates. Then, once I did, they had to do testing because they were as skeptical as I had been initially. That's a great thing too, it just shows the commitment to quality we all have. This video alone should speak to the fact that these connectors have held up to all of our tests.

We will have these available in the coming weeks and as soon as we have concrete information we will be sure to pass it along.

The sabers we used in the video:

Neopixel options coming soon on most sabers.3tS2qfLf0RI