Inazuma Eleven - Episode 1 - "LET'S PLAY OUR FOOTBALL"

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Watch Inazuma Eleven - Episode 1 - "LET'S PLAY OUR FOOTBALL" video. The Inazuma Eleven - Episode 1 - "LET'S PLAY OUR FOOTBALL" video uploader Inazuma Eleven English says about, Mark Evans is the captain of the Raimon Middle School’s long-neglected soccer club. With the club on the verge of being disbanded Mark is hoping to kick it into shape, but he’ll need a little help and more than a little luck. Will he get it in time?

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Welcome to the official channel of Inazuma Eleven for the UK. Based on the popular Japanese video game of the same name, Inazuma Eleven tells the story of Mark Evans and his teammates from the Raimon football club in their attempt to become a great football team. Made in the style of classic Japanese anime like “Dragon Ball”, “Oliver and Benji”, or “Pokemon”, Inazuma Eleven is family friendly programming intended for children of all ages. Inazuma Eleven is a series where the values of teamwork, excellence and love of sport are the primary focus.

The original idea of creator, Akihiro Hino, who is also the creator of the video game series Professor Layton as well as President and CEO of Level 5. The series’ first aired in Japan on the network, TV Tokyo ( and has been distributed in Europe by Arait Multimedia (, who are also responsible for the distribution of other series; such as, “Digimon”, “Knights of the Zodiac”, “Oliver and Benji”, “Sailor Moon” and “One Piece” within Spain.

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Title: Inazuma Eleven
Nationality: Japan
Nº of Episodes: 127 – 30 min / episode
3 Seasons:
1ª - # 1 – 26
2ª - # 27 - 67
3ª - # 68 – 127zJ0Gf6e7_qI