Amazon Affiliate Website with WordPress & Free Theme Storefront

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How to create an Amazon Affiliate Website using WordPress, Woocoommerce, Woozone and Storefront. Everything you need to know is included in this video.

Check out the store you'll be making at

Get hosting here: - use code EAGLE30
Get the plugin here:
Get the theme here:

Get the bit of code i use here:

Other things mentioned in this lesson..

- Amazon Commission Rates EU
- Amazon Commission Rates US
- Find a niche:
- Find a niche 2:

Video Chapter Timings:
What is an amazon affiliate: 00:01:15
What you need and what it costs: 00:02:58
How much you can make and an example site: 00:04:40
Setting up your hosting: 00:07:04
Logging into the hosting control panel: 00:15:23
Repointing and domain name you already own: 00:16:27
Installing WordPress: 00:18:43
Changing your WordPress password: 00:22:34
Removing unnecessary plugins: 00:23:23
Installing Woocommerce: 00:24:34
Installing Woozone Amazon Affiliate Plugin: 00:26:20
Increasing the memory limit: 00:30:51
Changing you Hostgator control panel password : 00:31:35
Woozone Amazon Affiliate Configuration: 00:34:42
Signing up as an Amazon Affiliate: 00:36:24
Enabling the advertising API: 00:41:06
Importing products from Amazon into our website: 00:41:47
Creating product categories: 00:42:41
Installing the Theme Storefront: 00:52:31
Adding Your Logo: 00:55:04
Creating a logo from a template: 00:55:15
Removing the country availability box from product pages: 01:02:28
Setting up the homepage: 01:04:16
Adding the top Parralax image to the homepage: 01:05:41
Editing the text on the homepage: 01:13:01
Adding images to product categories: 01:17:39
Changing the size of the product images: 01:20:41
Adjusting the menus: 01:23:05
Creating pages: 01:25:37
Customising the footer: 01:29:28
Adjusting the sidebar: 01:32:39
Adding a blog page: 01:34:42
Adding a blog post: 01:36:13
Adding a contact us page: 01:40:18
Customising Colours and other storefront options: 01:43:13
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