How to Fix Flickering DSLR Video

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Watch How to Fix Flickering DSLR Video video. The How to Fix Flickering DSLR Video video uploader Ray Ortega says about, If you're getting ready to film something with your DSLR or any other camera that gives you manual control over your settings and you see that the image is flickering, the fix is usually simple. Increase or decrease your shutter speed until the flicker is gone.

Not all light is continuous. Some light, especially florescent, LED and other artificial lighting, uses pulses of light.

If you find yourself shooting video in one of these types of light, there is a couple things you can do to fix your image.

As mentioned above, you can simply move your shutter speed up or down. You don't usually have to move very far from your original shutter speed in order to fix the flickering light. In this video you'll see I get good results at 1/40 and 1/60. Both are only one step away from my default of 1/50th. In general nobody will notice a difference. But they will notice the image flickering so that choice to stray from the 180 degree shutter rule is not a difficult one in this case.

You can also change your frame rate but this can be less effective and it also involves a different shutter speed. In our case we would have to increase our frame rate and shutter to something higher than we are already using and this would make it more difficult to get a proper exposure.

In addition, you will likely have much more work to do or experience issues in post production when you mix frame rates. My advice would be to stick to using your shutter to solve your flickering issue.

Article that explains more of the science behind video flicker:

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