World at 8 Monday 20 August 2012

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Watch World at 8 Monday 20 August 2012 video. The World at 8 Monday 20 August 2012 video uploader Radio Britain Online says about, Pakistani Authorities Arrest 11 year old Christian
An 11 year old Christian girl has been arrested by Pakistani authorities in Islamabad for alledgin burning pages from Quran.
Pakistani authorities have arrested an 11 year old Christian girl after she was accused of blasphemy and is being detained in Jalalabad. She was arrested after hundreds of neighbours, angry over reports she had allegedly burned religious papers, gathered outside her house in a poor outlying district of the capital, Islamabad. There are questions on whether the child is mentally handicapped and her age is reported to range from 11 to 16 years but she was unable to speak when brought to the station. It sounds like ProFam is needed in Pakistan.
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