Real Age of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Actors 5 September 2018

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Divyanka Tripathi
Born: December 14, 1984 (age 31)

Vivek Dahiya
Born: November 8, 1984 (age 31)

Anita Hassanandani
Born: April 14, 1980 (age 36)

Karan Patel
Born: November 23, 1983 (age 32)

Ruhanika Dhawan
Born: September 25, 2007 (age 8)

Mihika Verma
Born: January 3, 1985 (age 31)

Pavitra Punia
Born: August 22, 1986 (age 29)

Latest Episode begins with Raman waking up and saying that I had my assembly... Ishita says unwind, the meeting got cancelled, you're at home, you fainted due to low BP. Mrs. Bhalla says I'm sorry, I did not believe you. Raman says do not cry, its alright. Pihu comes and inquires why is everybody here, daddy are you currently fine. Ishita says that he was exhausted, so he's resting. Pihu reveals her decoration and states that I won first prize in spelling bee contest. Everybody claps. Everyone goes. Raman says its strange to suddenly faint. Ishita says it occurs, just unwind. She's his phone and says inform me if you want something. She belongs. He believes of Ishita and becoming sad. He believes Ishita has done a great deal for me personally, I must apologize for her.

She states

You stored Raman. Ishita says we could forget this and create a brand new beginning. Pihu takes the telephone and clicks on their pic. everyone smiles. Mrs. Bhalla states I want this household remain blessed before and following the arrival of the infant. Ishita says I want to state something about the infant. Roshni takes her apart. She says I know your concern, we could talk afterwards, the household is coming near, what will spoil, so offer me a chance to win their hearts, so I know this household will not distinguish me fro my son or daughter. Ishita says you speak sweet, I'll do as you say, have some break. Ishita goes.

Mihika gets juice Raman. Raman refuses. Shagun says and comes listen . She says I arrived to say sorry. Mrs. Bhalla says you've sent the girls to protest. Shagun says I did not understand about anything. Raman states if Shagun did not send themmaybe Tania went and got them. Ishita says I do not believe Tania did this preparation, possibly someone else did so. Mihika asks do you recall if you'd telephone with you. Ishita says you're angry with Romi, you did not answer telephone. Mr. Bhalla says perhaps someone from house gave telephone to household. Raman states who'll do this. Mihika states Simmi.... Ishita says Simmi could have done this. Mrs. Bhalla states I won't leave . Mr. Bhalla asks her to not make things worse.

Simmi gets mad and says who's Ishita to place blame on me, she isn't going to discover any evidence . Manjiri says family is together, everybody is praising Ishita, she's the person who rescued Raman. Manjiri goes. Parmeet says calm down, we'll only need to be cautious that Tania stays silent. Simmi says I will not lose, I'll frame Raman inside this thing, that Lord can not save him, I've a notion, I'll inform you.

Simmi says its not over. The guys come and say we've begun to alter Romi's possessions. Romi asks Neelu to reveal his chamber. Raman states it means you're all set to leave the home. Mrs. Bhalla says overlook that which, we'll attempt to sort out the thing, please do not leave us. Ishita says let him move . Romi and mihika visit package items. Ruhi claims its wrong. Ishita says we simply want Romi to remain happy, he will stay away and maintain relationships together with uswe ought to give him liberty.

Everyone becomes sad. Mihika says please cease Romi. They shout. Raman states Romi has opted to leave house, he's grown up, he can not endure my scolding, a few people today get happy by linking terms, Romi will get pleased by breaking connections. Ishita inquires Romi did he pack all of the items. Romi states . Ishita says I believe you've left something behind. He states I packaged everything. She says , you forgot that the afternoon I came to the house because of bahu, you assured me that you'd never allow me to get angry, never allow me to get hurt, I remember that amazing feeling, you're leaving that feeling , your brother Raman, he did a great deal for you, if you're planning your initial demonstration, Raman made it made you memorize every lineup, and in return, you left sweet tea to him, you're leaving that sweetness .

Ishita says you've got lots of memories , each and every corner will remind us , we was able to sit for dining, you enjoyed my particular parathas, father used to nourish you by palms with his love, and you're leaving that flavor here, mom was awake all night once you fell sick, mom made kada and did not had dinner at night, Romi is leaving her love here, you're likely to have a new house, house is made from love, affection and togetherness, you're leaving everything what exactly are you taking and to create your new residence.ZXz5H41GHqE