How to Make an eCommerce Website with WordPress - 2018

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Learn how to create an eCommerce Website with WordPress, step-by-step! Check out the live demo, you will be amazed how awesome your online store will look. Web agencies charge upwards of $5k to make an eCommerce store, but you can do it yourself right here.

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Table of Contents:

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0:00:47 - Intro and tutorial Overview!
0:04:44 - Get your Domain and Web Hosting essentials -
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1DIRTYCENT (1 cent first month)

0:10:44 - Get WordPress installed on your site

0:16:30 - Get Storefront and install it on your site:
0:20:17 - Install WooCommerce (the eCommerce website platform)
0:23:11 - Update some basic website and WooCommerce settings
0:28:54 - Add shopping cart into your sidebar


0:30:55 - Add 'Simple' Products. Those without variations
0:37:07 - Add 'Variable' Products. eg: Options for different Colours
0:44:03 - Example: Variable products with two variations, Color & Size


0:50:39 - Configure payments to be received!


1:28:26 - Manage items to appear on your HomePage
1:35:29 - Add an awesome Image Slider. Looks professional!
1:41:31 - Customize 'Header' color, menu text color, link colour.


0:59:54 - Making pages full width / managing your sidebar content
1:05:22 - Dropdown menu - custimize it however you like
1:12:23 - Contact page setup, and adding location (Google Map)
1:18:46 - Image Gallery with a popout lightbox feature. Really cool
1:22:38 - Social Media sharing for your products. Great way to get people talking about your stuff
1:25:03 - Add a Logo
First we recommend you get one custom made for a few dollars:
1:44:25 - Tax Options
1:58:39 - Shipping Methods


1:51:01 - Upsell and Cross-sell to make more money!
2:03:22 - Create discount coupons for marketing campagins!
2:10:18 - Create a Free Shipping Coupon to entice your customers!
2:14:49 - Final Words

Congrats! You a $5,000+ eCommerce website for next to nothing.
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We hope we've been able to demonstrate to you step by step how to make your own eCommerce website, with the WordPress CMS. People who have followed this video have create websites selling jewelry, home appliances, clothes, and pretty much anything else you can think of. If you have any problems with the setup, please do contact us because we would love for your eCommerce website to be a great success!
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