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Watch How do muslims eat Dining Etiquette video. The How do muslims eat Dining Etiquette video uploader DIY Best Tips says about, The religion Islam has one of the most comprehensive eating ,and dietary habits, and, one even wonders as to why all the strict rulings. The islam taught , Musulman , something to protect them from diseases caused by eating ,and drinking.
The Prophet’s ,Peace be upon him ,guidance with regard, to food is perfect guidance. It was described in 13 steps .
1. Eating with ,washed, wet hands.
Washing hands before meals ,is yet another concept in Islam, and many other religions. Further admonition is not to dry our hands .
Muslims have also been recommended not to dry themselves after performing ablution for prayer.
2. Eat with your right hand and your first three fingers.
The Prophet ,Peace be upon him, commanded people to eat with their right hands and forbade them to eat with their left hands. He said, “The Shaytaan, eats with his left hand and drinks with his left hand.
It was also reported that he said, I do not eat reclining.
He used to eat ,using the first three fingers, (of his right hand), which is the best way of eating.

3. Mention, the name of Allaah before eating.
When he put his hand in the food, he would say, Bismillaah ,(in the Name of Allaah), and he told people to say this when eating. He said, When any one of you eats, let him mention the name of Allaah. If he forgets to mention the name of Allaah ,at the beginning, let him say (in the name of Allaah ,at its beginning ,and at its end).
4. When you finish say ,Al-hamdu, Lillaah.
When he finish eating, he would say,: Al-hamdu, Lillaah , Allaah, be praised with an abundant, beautiful, blessed praise. He is the One Who is Sufficient, Who feeds and is never fed, The One Who is longed for, along with that which is with Him, and the One Who is needed. He is Our Lord, may He be glorified).

5. Never criticized food.

6. Eat from that which is in front of you.
And he said to his step-son, Umar, ibn, Abi ,Salamah ,when he was eating with him: “Say, Bismillaah ,and eat from that which is in front of you in the dish.
7. Urge your guests to eat.
8. When you finish eating make ,duaa, four your host.
When he ate with others, he would not leave until he had made ,du’aa, for them. He made ,du’aa, in the house of Abd-,Allaah ,ibn Bisr, and said: “O Allaah, bless for them that which You have, provided for them, forgive them and have mercy ,on them.
9. Eat together and not separately.
He commanded those who complained that they never felt, full to eat together ,and not separately, and to mention the name of Allaah, (say Bismillaah) ,over the food so that He might bless it for them.
10. Prohibition of over-eating.
Over-eating and over-indulgence of food has always been linked to numerous diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, high blood fat and the like.
11. Reserving one-third of your stomach for water.
This tradition comes to us from the Prophet ,(Peace be upon him) that: ''One-third of your stomach should be filled with food, one-third with air, and one-third with water.
12. Recommendation of having a little salt before and after each meal.
13. Eating in the same table where alcohol is served, is forbidden.
From all that has been mentioned, Islam teaches us many etiquette’s of eating and drinking. The Prophet ,(Peace be upon him), asked the companions, to wash their hands before ,and after, to start eating with the praise of Allah, to eat using the right hand, not to eat until they really felt hungry, not to eat ,and drink excessively. Finally, by praising and thanking Allah for the food ,and drink, for making it easy to swallow and for producing an exit for it.
This could be counted as just another gem that manifests the perfection of Islam.
Eating Habits in islam
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