Vampyr - How to Get Recollection of Paulus Aurelianus (Bloody Roots Trophy Guide) - Secret Puzzle

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Watch Vampyr - How to Get Recollection of Paulus Aurelianus (Bloody Roots Trophy Guide) - Secret Puzzle video. The Vampyr - How to Get Recollection of Paulus Aurelianus (Bloody Roots Trophy Guide) - Secret Puzzle video uploader PowerPyx says about, Vampyr - Bloody roots Trophy / Achievement Guide - Find the recollection of Paulus Aurelianus [Gold]

The recollection of Paulus Aurelianus is a sword under the Temple Church in the northern part of West-End district. The earliest chance to go there is during Chapter 5 (story takes you there). However, you can’t actually unlock the weapon until Chapter 6. There’s a guy called Usher Talltree (fortune teller) sitting there. In front of him on the stairs are 4 pressure pads on the floor, they make a noise when you step on them. Behind the wall by the pressure pads is the sword you need.

Step 1: Accept Usher Talltree's Side Quest "Pandora's Box" (guy sitting unter Temple Church). He sends you to the theather to get his notebook. Kill the two guys upstairs in theather, they drop a key. Then use the key on the safe downstairs to get the notebook. DO NOT READ THE NOTEBOOK!!! (reading it voids the next step and makes the puzzle unsolvable)

Step 2: Hand the notebook to Usher (without having read it). He rewards you with the collectible "Origin of the Brotherhood". Read this collectible. In the top right corner of it are 4 symbols representing the pressure pads.

The order in which you must step on the pressure pads is:

It's random for every player what symbol correlates to what platform. That's why you must get the collectible from Usher to figure out the solution that applies to you.

(Optional) Step 3: If in doubt, go through all your Collectibles. On some of them will be a symbol from the "Origin of the Brotherhood" Collectible and some dots. The number of dots represent the order in which you need to step on the pressure pad. There are 6 moves total. So any random 6 ouf 30 collectibles will have a clue.
Collectible Guide:

Step 4: Now step on the 4 pressure pads 6 times in the order FISH - CIRCLE - SQUARE - CIRCLE - FISH - RHOMBUS (if this doesn't work browse through all 30 collectibles for the order in your game).

Special thanks to MackDaddyT99 & SnowNinjaRaccoon & Amfiray for their tips about this trophy.

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