Grimoire Collection The Clavis or Key to the Magic of Solomon:

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The Clavis or Key to the Magic of Solomon: From an Original Talismanic Grimoire in Full Color by Ebenezer Sibley and Frederick Hockley

Seals (or sigils) are everywhere if one thinks about it...For example, pull out a dollar bill from your wallet and look, for a moment if ye will, at the Great Seal of the U.S. on the obverse side...Notice, too, the second blazon which features the eye atop the unfinished pyramid (the Eye of Providence)... (And of course, The Seal of the President of the U.S. is based on the Great Seal of the U.S.)...Ergo, many have speculated that the use of such seals are proof of America's Freemasonic origins...

The term "sigil" comes to us from the Latin "sigillum", which means "seal" (so, the terms "seal" and "sigil" can be used interchangeably)...Obviously, Freemasons, and Rosicrucians alike, used them for magical purposes...Indeed, reputable thaumaturgists are quite familiar with sigils...For example: The Seal of Solomon; the 72 daemonic seals of the Ars Goetia from The Lemegeton (The Lesser Key of Solomon); the Seal of Lucifer from the "Grimoirium Verum" (The Grimoire of Truth); the Qabalistic sigil of Baphomet; and many, many others...Think of them as being similar to an occult coat of arms..

The Clavis or Key to the Magic of Solomonis one of several notebooks from the estate of Ebenezer Sibley, transcribed under the direction of Frederic Hockley (1808-1885). Sibley was a prominent physician and an influential author, who complemented his scientific studies with writings on the "deeper truths" including magic, astrology, alchemy, and hypnotherapy. Both Sibley and Hockley were major inspirations in the occult revival of the past two centuries, influencing A.E. Waite, S.L. Mathers, Aleister Crowley, as well as the Golden Dawn, Rosicrucian, and Masonic movements. This collection reflects Sibley's teachings on the practical use of celestial influences and harmonies. The Clavis contains clear and systematic instructions for constructing magical tools and pentacles for many practical purposes. It includes eight separate magical texts: The Mysterious Ring, Experiments of the Spirits, Birto, Vassago, Agares, Bealpharos, The Wheel of Wisdom, and the Complete Book of Magic Science. The manuscript reproduced here is the most accurate and complete known, very beautifully and carefully written complete with extraordinary hand-colored seals and colored handwritten text. 282 color pages with a color fold-out and a huge idex.

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