Quantum Break (HINDI) Walkthrough Part 1

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Jack has other time powers that are not used in combat. "Time Vision" reveals points of interest, and highlights interactive objects and enemies. "Time Echoes" allow him to locate enemies and allies, and replay past events, providing additional information about the story. The game features several types of collectibles known as "narrative objects", including quantum ripples, documents, computers, and media. They give players additional insight into the game's story and background. Players can collect "chronon sources", which can be used as experience points to purchase time power enhancements.

There are also less action-oriented segments in the game, where players have to solve environmental puzzles, which usually function as a 3D platformer. With time stuttering and collapsing, objects may get trapped in a time loop and either become platforms for players to proceed into the next section of the game, or create dangerous environmental hazards, which are extremely unstable. In the latter case they become obstacles that block the player's path. Jack can overcome them by using his time manipulation powers, such as slowing down or stopping time, so that he can proceed without getting hurt. He can also revive frozen non-playable characters at several specific points of the game.

The gameplay splits into five acts. After playing through an act of the game as Jack Joyce, players take control of the antagonist Paul Serene for a pivotal concurrent decision that impacts the plot, before an episode of the digital show will play. In the game, the video game portion tells the story of the protagonists while the show tells the story of the antagonists. Players can make choices at the beginning of each episode of the TV show, also known as "junction points." These decisions influence the state of the game. As Paul Serene has precognitive power, players can view the consequences of each choice before making a decision.

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