PrizmV5 LedStrip Demo

Erv Plecter · 5,160 views
Watch PrizmV5 LedStrip Demo video. The PrizmV5 LedStrip Demo video uploader Erv Plecter says about, A quick demo showcasing the new version of the PRIZM v5 lightsaber sound board, which also supports ledstrips.
We present specific aspects of the ledstrip support, including ScrollFade™, our revised AccuBolt™ (from 2011) and MultiBolt™.

PRIZM is the little brother of the Crystal Focus, designed for single Li-ion cell. It features 3 direct drive channel for high-power LEDs types sabers along with ledstrip sabers, and has true 16 bit sound, super low motion-to-sound latency down to 6ms and a Real Time configuration editor (wired or wireless) R.I.C.E... and more !6HLrP4sWYLo