Sterling K. Brown Gets a Scare During the 'Movie Game'

Sterling K. Brown and his "Hotel Artemis" co-star Brian Tyree Henry started off by playing a fun round of the "Movie Game," but it turned into a...

Nick Offerman & Amy Poehler Play 'Wood You Rather?'

Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are co-hosts of a new competition show called 'Making It' that tests contestants' craft and woodworking skills, so...

Sterling K. Brown Unexpectedly Drops In to Answer a Viewer Question

Emmy winner Sterling K. Brown just happened to be backstage when Ellen read a viewer question, so he came onstage to answer it himself!

Amy Poehler & Nick Offerman on a Potential 'Parks and Rec' Reunion

Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are together again on their new competition show "Making It," but Ellen asked the two if they'd ever be up for a...

Tig Notaro Can't Understand Her Spanish-Speaking Kids

Tig Notaro returned to talk about playing Jennifer Aniston's First Lady, how she has no idea what her kids are saying in Spanish, and her stunned...

Ellen Gives an Update on Mama Shu

A couple of years ago, Ellen met an incredible woman named Mama Shu, who revitalized her community after a tragic family loss. Ellen sent Jeannie...

The 'SYTYCD' All-Stars Hit the Floor!

To get ready for the upcoming 15th season of "So You Think You Can Dance," some of the all-stars took the stage to perform an incredible routine!

Ellen Is the Star of Nicki Minaj's New Video

Nicki Minaj just debuted her new music video, "Chun-Li," but did you notice that her backup dancer was the real star?

Ashton Kutcher Shocks Ellen with Huge Donation

Ashton Kutcher made a surprise visit to the show, and shocked Ellen with one of the biggest donations to The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund to date.

Mark Wahlberg Takes the Audience by Surprise

Ellen was looking for a "stronger" mark for her new game. Luckily, Mark Wahlberg was waiting backstage!

Ellen Welcomes's Dance Dare Winner!

Ellen surprised Dickson Lezama by announcing he's the winner of's #EllensDanceDare challenge, and talked with him about his inspiring...

Mark Wahlberg Reveals He's Rebooting 'Captain Kangaroo'

Mark Wahlberg revealed to Ellen that he's bringing back the beloved kids' educational TV series "Captain Kangaroo"!

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